Real estate company Lahti Science Park maintains the Lahti Science Park property with a total property area of ​​approximately 24,000 brm2.  Lahti Science Park  offers its customers versatile, modern and full-service business premises. It is constantly developing its own operations and increasing customers’ opportunities to grow their own business.

According to the guidelines of the City of Lahti, the vision is to implement high-quality space solutions for universities and university of applied sciences operating in Lahti. The goal is to create an internationally significant university and research community in Lahti, and to develop the region to an international-level hub of environmental research, design and business.

Lahti Science Park – introduction

Some video clips and materials on Lahti Science Park. Please check them out before starting of the program. You’ll get plenty of information.

What is Lahti Science Park? Basic information in English

NEW! Video presenting Lahti Science Park premises

Maps of the area of Lahti Science Park

See Lahti Science Park building

See inside of Lahti Science Park
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Lahti Science Park is located in Niemi

Here you can find all kind of background material for the task: technical information, list of the tenants etc.

Materials from the sessions

The challenge

The challenge given to student teams is to turn the Science Park’s property and operations into carbon neutral  The challenge will be presented in depth at the first meeting. At that point students will also be given additional background information about Lahti Science Park, it’s property and operations and how to work as teams.

The aim of the competition is to highlight the students’ skills, get new solutions for the use of the Lahti Science Park real estate company.

Competition categories and presentation form

The competition task is to present a concept plan or solution model for a development measure promoting the carbon neutrality of the Niemenkatu property in Lahti Science Park and to activate discussion around the subject of carbon neutrality benefiting the whole industry.

Competition work can be an innovative and developable concept or an already feasible and concrete solution.

The solution to promote of carbon neutrality can be related for example:

  • Energy production or energy saving
  • In-service operation, such as waste management
  • Additional insulation
  • Changing people’s actions
  • A brand new innovative approach

The competition proposal is otherwise a free-form document, but each proposal must meet the following required content:

  • Starting points (identified opportunity, requirements, etc.)
  • Presentation of the concept or solution
  • Process description
  • Impact assessment: what are the benefits of the concept or solution

Presentation of the results

The solutions will be presented at the final seminar on March 31st. Each team has a presentation time of 15 minutes. The competition entry pdf will be pre-submitted to the jury in pdf format no later than March 16th. The competition entry pdf submitted to the jury may be longer than the seminar presentation.

The presentation in the seminar can include a variety of materials: slides, audio, video, statistics. etc. Only works presented at the seminar and pdf:s submitted to the jury in time will taken into account by the jury. 

Awards and jury

A maximum of one proposal per team can be awarded. Due to the nature of the competition, the content of the proposals may differ in both approach and content. The proposal can be an innovative concept with potential for development or an already feasible and concrete solution. Each proposal will be evaluated on a proposal-by-proposal basis. A working group of specialists in the subject will evaluate the entries and prepare them for the jury’s decision making.

When evaluating entries, the jury pays special attention to the following criteria:

  • Impact of the proposal on the carbon neutrality of the Niemenkatu property.
  • Feasibility of the proposal in the Niemenkatu property.
  • The proposal’s scalability and generalizable impact to carbon neutrality.
  • A new and open-minded way to solve carbon neutrality.

A maximum of € 10,000 will be dealt in prizes

  • 4-8 proposals will be awarded
  • A single group may only be awarded once
  • In addition, the jury may decide on a case-by-case basis to award honorable mentions.

The jury and the organizers reserve the right to make changes to awards and the jury may also decide not to distribute awards under some evaluating criteria.