Students work in multidisciplinary teams to solve the challenge. Over the program  the students receive sparring from entrepreneurship experts and university staff. Program also includes lectures that support solving the challenge.  

Program culminates in the final competition where teams present their work to other participants and judges.  Each member of the winning teams will be awarded a monetary prize.  

Student teams are encouraged to come up with new innovative ideas and solutions that the company can leverage in the future to become carbon neutral. Ideas can be immediately feasible or ideas that can be used to create something new later. Solutions can be technological or have a different approach.  

To whom?

Lahti Venture Program is especially  designed for students from LAB University of Applied Sciences, LUT University and University of Helsinki, but it’s open for all university / university of applied sciences students.  


Application period is from November 1, 2021 to January 17, 2022. Letters of confirmation and further information will be sent to accepted applicants before the program starts.

Apply here: https://www.lyyti.in/Lahti_Venture_Program_3013

Team building

Enrolled students will be divided into teams by the organizers.  Teams are build in the way that they are as equitable as possible and  as multidisciplinary as possible.

In addition to individual registration, students can also suggest their own pre-made groups. If you already have a group in mind, please mention the names of other people in your group in the application or by email to kaisa.vuorivirta@lahdenyliopistokampus.fi, but please note that the event organizer has the right to form the final groups.

Schedule and attending

Program starts 20th of January 2022 and the final day of the program is 30th of March 2022. The entire program is organized online and contains five meetings. In addition to scheduled meetings, teams organize their own meetings either online or in-person. Each team member has to participate in all sessions, work actively and contribute to the team.


The program is worth 5 credits, it is carried out in English. Students who complete the program will get a certificate. With certificate you can consult your teacher/tutor and ask your own university to register the credits.

Please notice that it’s possible to only participate in the competition, in which case the student will not receive credit points. If a student wants credit points participation to scheduled meetings and team work is mandatory. If a student wants credit points participation to scheduled sessions and teamwork is mandatory. You also have to return a learning diary,  instructions in February .

Copyright belongs to the student team.

The Science Park will have the right to use the proposal and implement measures in the area of the building in Niemenkatu property.

Competition proposals are in principle public. If the team wishes to restrict the content of the proposal to be published, the team must separately request a publication ban from the competition secretary.

The content presented in the final seminar must not be secret. The seminar will be an open event both in-person and online, but the organizer of the competition will not make an online recording.

The competition organizer will release the results of the competition in its own social media channels etc.