Q: Is it possible to visit the building?
A: Yes, it’s possible. One team at a time can go on a tour. Please contact property manager Jesse Reponen jesse.reponen@lahdentiedepuisto.fi



Q: Waste consumption material. Waste consumption data included in Material Bank is written in Finnish. Is there any English version of this information?
A: Sorry to say, but there is no waste consumption data in English.

Q: It is said in the materials that “The property’s waste management is the responsibility of L&T” . Can you elaborate on L&T responsibility in waste management: who is L&T, their role?
A: L&T is company Lassila & Tikanoja Oy. They provide us with waste management services. https://vuosikertomus.lt.fi/en/


Q: During our visit to the Lahti Science Park, we found regulators at 22 degrees, and understood that in some rooms that is required for the research that is conducted on site. What are the average room temperatures in the other areas? Are there differences during the weekend and evenings?

A: Average temperature is about 22-23 degrees. It is set from building automation. In the some rooms have the controls where users can adjustable the temperature about 1-2 degrees.

Q: We found out that the computers in the computer classrooms are on 24/7. What is the reason for that?
A:  Computers are LAB’s. I think that the student can also work at night.

Q: How many solar panels are there on the campus building? How well have they performed and do you think they are viable to scale up in number?
A: In material bank attached is solar panel pictures. Yes, you can think what it mean if the amount is increased.

Q: How ready is the Lahti campus to do some modifications to existing structures?
A: If you have good reasons for it then yes.

Q: Would there be a possibility to create an energy storage unit for electricity generated on-site?
A: This is what you need to find out. I have not answers to that.

Q: There are some solar panels already in use. How much energy do they got from the solar panels? How much sun light is needed so that the solar panels can create energy ?
How is energy that is been created by solar panels used? What type of solar panels are they?
A:The rated power of the system is 15 kVa (kilovat- ampere)
The system supplies electricity to the property’s system.
Network connection equipment manufacturer by Nocart Oy
Network connection devices model: Nocart PMU-SG-1

Q: Are the lights used in the building automatic?
A: Almost all the lights is use motion sensors.

Q: We can’t find any detailed information as to what energy is being used for. E.g. how much energy is used for lighting, how much energy is used for cooling, etc. Would you be able to get us that information?
A: Unfortunately, we are unable to differentiate between energy consumption. Some electricity connections are directly under the control of tenants, so we do not have access to that information – they pay they own bills! We see the consumption of the entire property and the consumption of the sites we control. Nor can we distinguish the percentage of lighting, cooling, etc. from them.

Q: Energy consumption in the property has decreased in recent years. What is the reason?
A: Energy consumption has decreased due to building automation adjustments, luminaire renewals and milder winters. One factor that has certainly been the pandemic, which has resulted in lower property use. Consumption in 2021 for me is yet to be calculated. I will calculate these in more detail, but in 2021 electricity consumption will have risen slightly again. I think we are closer to the 2019 level again.

Q: Solar panels have provided a small amount of electricity for the buildings. How is this electricity used?  It is also indicated that the buildings use 100% green electricity. Can you provide more information about where the source of the electricity is? And what do you mean by “100% green“?
A: All the electricity what the solar panels generates is used in the property.  100 % green electricity means that energy company quarantees that the electricity what they produce is carbon dioxide free.

Q: Do they use district heat from Kymijärvi power plant and maybe the green heat that Kymijärvi is offering? What kind of heating system they do have now?
A: Lahti Science Park  uses district heat from Kymijärvi power plant. We also use green heat what also is produced on Kymijärvi. If there is some peak load or fault situation, there is also heating centres witch use natural gas or oil. We use CO2 free green district heat.


Q: What property management software is Lahti Science Park using? What kind of information does it gather? Does it have automation or optimisation functions?
A: We use Schneider eValvomo software. It gather for example temperature, CO2, presence…We can control for example the lighting, air conditions, cooling, heating…

Q: Is Lahti Science Park open to looking into buying property management services as part of the general solution? If yes, do you have any budget estimate to give a scope?
A: Yes we are open for that. We also have own expertise to do adjustments. I can’t give you any budgets. You can give us some options.


Q: It is said in the materials that”The Lahti Science Park plot has approximately 10,000 m2 of building rights” . What does this sentence mean? Can you provide me details/further explanation of Lahti Science Park’s current covered area and spared area for usage?
A: A 10,000 m2 building right means that a property/building with a maximum size of 10,000 m2 can be built on the Lahti Science Park plot. No further specification of the location has been provided.

Q: There is  building to be demolished on Laatikkotehtaankatu, next to Science Park. Is it counted down to that 10,000 square foot, so is it  reducing building rights right now?
A: Laatikkotehtaankatu building does not reduce the building rights on Niemenkatu. It is possible to build 10,000 m2 on Niemenkatu and more on Laatikkotehtaankatu. I do not know the exact amount, but I would assume that at least as much as the current property is the size (3000-4000 m2).

Q: What is the minimum required parking spaces on the plot set in the city plan?
A: The current city plan requires 1 parking space per 60 m2 of office space for the Lahti Science Park plot. This amounts to about 400 parking spaces and the current amount is 409


Q: Contaminant mapping:Radon concentrations have been measured in 2020. Can we have the measurement data of the buildings’ radon concentrations in 2020?
A: This are the results.  Sijoituspaikka/huone means the room the meter was in, mittaustulos means measurement result and vuosikeskiarvo means annual average



Q:  Cooling systems: Can we have more information on the cooling systems in Lahti Science Park? (Are they environmentally friendly? Components, Functionality? Consumption?)
A: In the material bank you will find  information of some cooling machines (split mittaukset file). Below some information about the bigger  cooling machinery

  • B- section VJK 20                CGIW-110-4D-V8R-P1-F2-P3-ECO     16,3 kg    R 410a
  • C-section 12JK01               CGIW-32-4D-V8-P1-F2-P3-ECO            6,5 kg    R 407 C
  • D-section VJK1.2                CGIW-100-4D-X-P1-W2-P3-TCV        15,9 kg     R 410a
  • D-section VJK2.2                CGIW-100-4D-X-P1-W2-P3-TCV        15,9 kg     R 410a

Q: What kind of refrigerants are used in the building?
A: Information about refrigerants are now in material bank


Q: How are the premises used normally (before covid)? Which spaces were empty most of the time?

A: We have almost 1500 users per day. Our occupancy rate is about 93 %. How our tenants use their spaces I don’t know. Almost every space is in use.

Q: Would it be possible to use the premises of Laatikkotehtaankatu 3A for our idea, so it wouldn’t be demolished? Why is it scheduled to be demolished?
A: There is not to decision that the building will be demolished. However there is some problems and the part of the building is not in use. So in some point the building will be demolished.

Q: Could you tell me the total costs and revenues of operating the premise? And what is the rental fee of the tenants?
Sorry but I can’t give you cost information. They are not public information

Q: What are operation activities of the staff and tenants using the buildings
A: You can find information from the tenant list and from rescue plan. The best way would be googling. There are universities, laboratories, student health services, Päijät-Häme Summer University located there.  There is one restaurant serving lunch.  There are several small companies and  also bigger ones.

Q: Are the tenants or businesses using the premises having permanent offices in the buildings
A: All tenants mentioned in the tenant list have a permanent office in the Science Park. The largest tenants are responsible for their own electricity consumption

Q: Do activities occur inside the buildings on a daily basis
A: Yes they do

Q: Are there any spare rooms at the current buildings or have they all been used/rented?

And can outsiders use the building as well? (or do they need a special access card?)
A: Our occupancy rate is about 93-94 % so we have some spare rooms.

Outsiders can use the buildings public space like restaurant, main lobby, cuckoo clock lobby, turtle lobby but they also have to be some reason why they are in there. There is also Niemi Works  co-working space in the premises https://www.lahdentiedepuisto.fi/niemi-works/

Q: Is there any library available at the current buildings? (if yes, then can you provide more detail about this?)
A: At this moment we don’t have any libraries.


Q: Could you provide more information on the food waste of the restaurant of the building?
A: Food waste of the restaurant (Sinuhe) is about 5 kg per week. It’s average prize is about 4,00 euro per kg.

Q: Could you also provide more information on the restaurant’s operations: Is it only for people in the building? Are they using plastic or single-used cups an cutlery?
A: The restaurant is open for all. Restaurant use cardboard cups only if the customer want to take the coffee takeaway.


Q: Can we use the gym to produce electricity? Or other spaces? Can we install adjustable thermostats along with mirrors ​​for proper utilization of sunlight? Can we make indoor gardens which can increase students’ productivity?
A:  This is what you need to find out. I have not answers to that. Ideas sounds good if they improves carbon neutrality.

Q: Where we can find more information about green roofs?
A: https://www2.helsinki.fi/en/researchgroups/fifth-dimension-vegetated-roofs-and-walls-in-urban-areas

Q:Is there a tool for evaluating carbon foot print of buildings?
A: Yes, you can find it here https://www.ym.fi/download/noname/%7BD4EE18D2-E07C-48A2-88A5-D266705A0498%7D/149235

Q: Is it ok if you could provide us with information about the project’s budget?
A: We not sure what the budget will be in the future. This year we have reserved a money 50 000 euros for the execution of the competition work

Q: What does “water roof” mean? (and how it operates at the property)
A: Water roof meant the top floor roof. Water roof protects the property from

Q: Is there carbon footprint database
A:Unfortunately not

Q: Where we can find plan and layouts of the buildings
A: You will find them from Material bank, Initial information

Q: Is faucet aerator used in water taps
It’s not in use in every tap, but some taps use the technology in section B and D.

About city plan /zoning related to the Science Park area
The zoning architect from Lahti city told that there are no special requirements to the façade of the buildings in the Science Park area.
It’ s not a ground water area either, but the company across the road (Polttimo) has a ground water well and it prevents the construction of a geothermal well in the blue area (picture 1)
And of course underground networks must, of course, be taken into account.(Picture 2)
Solar panels can usually be placed on the roof. In general, the placement of solar panels is a matter for discussion with building inspectorates
In principle, an authorization is granted unless there are any special protection or similar considerations. There are no such in the Science Park property.

Picture 1

Picture 2